About Us

30+ years of experience

Toine Camps, the founder of 1MINDT, has 30+ years of experience in the medical device industry in a variety of positions. Ranging from pure product development, clinical research to business development leading international R&D projects and programs for implantable products.

Being enthusiastic, very motivated and focused in the MedTech area, Toine decided to kick-off his own company in 2018 called, 1MINDT. The company focus is on providing consultancy (support, collaboration) in the area of Medical INnovation, Development and Technology. From initial concept or idea till first in man, guiding projects through the hurdles of the requirements and regulations.

This background is being strengthened from experience in specific MedTech and clinical areas such as cardiac rhythm management, neuro- and gastric-stimulation, as well as the development of several business cases.
Recent involvements; blockchain applications in medical care with relation to AM (Additive Manufacturing) of Patient Specific Implants (PSI) and compliance to the new Medical Device Regulations (MDR).

1MINDT operates from the early concept phase until first into humans. Support/collaboration is provided from project to program and engineering management.