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Medical consultancy for medical device ideas and concepts transforming early innovative ideas into first in human products.


in medical technology

Innovation in medical technology has always contributed to improvements in the quality, safety and efficiency of medical and healthcare services addressing patients’ unmet needs. Our expertise provides solutions and guidance in an early phase, through the development process on the current and future topics that apply to innovative medical devices in selected target markets.


of a medical device

Development of a medical device is a complex process with a widespread variation of requirements, either internal or external, which all need to be balanced and adhered to for a successful product launch. We provide expertise in a collaborative effort, evaluating the needs, functional requirements, specifications, and more, all while assuring quality, risks and regulatory requirements are met at the various levels of the process.

Technology advancement

in the medical device industry

Technology advancement in the medical device industry is growing by leaps and bounds. To keep an edge in the healthcare industry, it is necessary to fast-track products to market, minimizing the design reducing the manufacturing costs and not compromising on quality. Reviewing and applying technology trends will help to stay at the frontline of the medical industry.